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We D2ZigN Exhibitions

What ever your project D2ZigN are always here to help. We offer the following - 

Providing a D2ZigN service to create a conceptual design for an Exhibition Stand.

Providing working drawings either for a D2ZigN that has been created in tier 1 or create working drawings from a D2ZigN given to us by a customer for construction tier 2.


Putting the D2ZigN out to tender for the client, contacting exhibition companies on behalf of a client to get quotes for the construction of the design, we can put you in contact with the contractor directly or they you use us as your point of contact with them.

Attending site for the client to oversee the construction of the stand on their behalf making sure everything is done to specification and as per design and finishes agreed.

We are happy to receive or meet with clients, to show a wider spectrum of work, share ideas or to collect detailed briefs.

We are a keen team player, with experience in working with account handlers & project managers to help bring together the elements to deliver large or small projects.

Thanks go to Elevations Exhibitions, Clip Displays, D4 Create, Applemed & Alias Design for allowing me to use visuals and photos of stands that have been designed by Daniel Ashmore owner of D2ZigN Exhibitions and Interiors